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A piece of history with excellent service

  Reviewed on 5 years, 9 months ago
TripAdvisor on 10 September, 2018
Thus I was really happy when I found Le Bokor Palace Hotel in Kampot, a hotel that was refurnished from its original 1925 splendour. Situated right on top of Mount Bokor, it exudes grandeur, luxury and a sense of timelessness and exclusivity. While dining in the high ceiling restaurant or walking on the elegantly restored floor tiles, you feel that you have been transported back in time when the French and the Cambodian elites came here to escape the heat. There are no air-conditioning as the weather is surprisingly cool at around 20 to 22 degree celsius.

The hotel staff were enthusiastic and warmth, from the moment we arrived, to preparing the outdoor jacuzzi (we wanted to soak after dinner) to escorting us every time we were out of the room. In fact, the hotel staff who greeted us and checked us in came back to work on the day to personally check us out even though it was his day-off. Such great service. Unfortunately I could not remember his name but he was from Siem Reap and he only worked at Le Bokor Palace for about 3 to 4 months.

The food in the restaurant were great considering that the hotel is situated in the middle of nowhere and the food were all grown organically near the hotel. Look out for the green tea butter and home made jams at breakfast.

We also took a brief tour of the hotel conducted by one of the hotel staff in the morning.

Overall, the experience was wonderful and a memorable one. I strongly urge you to visit the hotel quickly as the developer has plans to open other massive hotels and F&Bs on the mountain. Before long, the hotel will lose its exclusivity and sanctuary feel.


TeddySoo   Singapore
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