Le Bokor Palace offers 36 rooms and suites ranging from 18.5 to 90 square meters. Each room and suite are has its own unique shape and style from colonial time and modern amenity with advanced equipment including imported tiles from Spain, Italian bathroom equipment and handmade wooden furniture. Decorated in original colonial style both elegant, comfortable and harmonious design concept give an absolute comfort and sense of beauty. All guests can enjoy Cambodia's best staying experience.

Room TypesNumber Of RoomArea (sqm)Location
Thansur Room1018.5 - 252nd - 3rd floor
Bokor Suite835 - 40Lower floor - 2nd floor
Sokha Suite1342 - 46Lower floor - 3rd floor
Thansur Suite450Lower floor - 3rd floor
Palace Suite1904th floor
Thansur Room
Bar Rate :
US$ 200
  • Bed: Single Bed or King Bed
  • Size: 18.5 - 25 sqm
  • View: Magnificent panoramic views of the “Opal Coast” or Chain of mountains View
Bokor Suite
Bar Rate :
US$ 250
  • Bed: King Bed
  • Size: 35 - 40 sqm
  • View: Tropical garden View, Chain of mountains View or the spectacular “Opal Coast”
Sokha Suite
Bar Rate :
US$ 330
  • Bed: King Bed
  • Size: 42 - 46 sqm
  • View: Tropical gardens View, Chain of mountains View or the majestic “Opal Coast”
Thansur Suite
Bar Rate :
US$ 430
  • Bed: King Bed
  • Size: 50 sqm
  • View: Lush tropical garden, Chain of mountains View or the azure blue of “Opal Coast”
Palace Suite
Bar Rate :
US$ 2000
  • Bed: King Bed
  • Size: 90 sqm
  • View: 360-degree panoramic view