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  Reviewed on 5 years, 6 months ago
TripAdvisor on 08 January, 2019
I have found it quite hard to decide what rating to give Le Bokor Palace.

The hotel itself is in a stunning location on the top of Bokor Mountain with amazing views down to the ocean. It has lovely large gardens and within walking distance are a few of the old buildings which are worth taking a walk around. It takes about an hour in total to get to the top of the mountain if you don't stop anywhere on the way. The journey itself is very twisty.

Once you are at the hotel there is nothing else around so all meals and drinks must be taken at the hotel. Prices aren't too bad given the remoteness $3,50 for a beer, $9 for a glass of wine, $10 for seabass etc.

The room was nice enough, definitely the nicest we've had in Cambodia, although by far the most expensive by at least $150 so I would expect it to be.

What we found strange about the hotel was that we were literally the only guests staying there. There were a few day visitors who came and looked at the scenery and then left. The hotel is fully staffed which meant that the staff had virtually nothing to do and therefore hung around us every time we went into any public area. I am sure some people may like this, feeling that they are being waited on hand and foot but it made us very uncomfortable and could not relax at all. Even when we were eating our food the staff were stood close by watching every mouthful.

The hotel is very grand and spacious but it gives it a bit of an eery feel when there's only you in there. They play pan piped music throughout the whole hotel, including the corridors which filters into your bedroom. It just gives the whole place a strange feeling.

All of the staff were very helpful and friendly, we have no complaints there at all, we just found the whole situation so surreal and weird. It seems like perhaps the management should re think their pricing strategy and lower their room rates a bit to attract other guests and at least make some money.


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